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iWorks LT - Microscope Software for Image Stitching & Extended Depth of Field

iWorks LT 

Software for Image Stitching & Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)

iWorks LT is a perfect microscope software for live cell imaging, macro imaging, dynamic measuring, large image stitching, and EDF (Extended Depth of Field) with high performance price ratio. 


Note: All functions of iWorks EX are included in iWorks LT version.

Report Export

Measurement, Statistic and Chart can be exported to Microsoft Excel, CSV.

3D Plot (3D Visualization)

3D Plot is a 3D visualization display function. The 3D display is created from the image’s grayscale as if it were an image with data of height (Z axis data). A bright area of the image corresponds to a hill in the 3D plot, while a dark area corresponds to valley. The original image colors are used as surface texture. The user interface described below provides wide capability to control visualization of the 3D model.

microscope 3D visualization tool
microscope 3D visualization tool2
microscope 3D visualization tool

Overlay Chart

Display overlay chart on live image for guide image window. Cross, Circle, Grid, Time stamp and combination of different types of overlay chart.

microscope software Overly chart
microscope software_Overly chart2
microscope software_Overly chart3

Reflected Light

This application corrects the diffused reflection on the specimen. Diffused reflection usually occurs while using metallic specimen. You can decrease the aspect by using the Reflected Light function.​

microscope software_Reflected light 1
microscope software_Reflected light 2
microscope software_Reflected light 3

Image Tiling (Image Stitching)

  • Overcomes the visible size limitation in high magnification

  • Provides one large image in high resolution

  • Tiling small captured are into one large image

  • Supports both captured image mode / real-time video mode

microscope software Image Tiling (Image Stitching)
microscope software Image Tiling (Image Stitching)2

Multi-focus (Extended Depth of Focus)

Multi-focus is an useful tool for extended depth of focus. Thanks to this EDF function, images captured in the same Z-axis can be combined to create an all-in-focus image.