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Rendi il tuo sistema di imaging del microscopio straordinario e più versatile.

IMX147 (color)

Resolution: 20 megapixels

Pixel size:1.2μm x 1.2μm

IMX482 (color)

Resolution: 2 megapixels 

Pixel size: 5.8μm x 5.8μm

IMX174 (monochrome)

Resolution: 2 megapixels 

Pixel size: 5.8μm x 5.8μm

dual-sensor microscope camera

Exceptional in Low Light & Stunning in Bright Filed

Thanks to the optimized algorithm of automatic exposure and automatic white balance, the camera can not only obtain perfect high resolution "true color" images in bright field, but also perform well in dark field and fluorescence, easy to get the desired image.

3 channels combination of fluorescence images

More Pixels, More Details; Larger Pixels, More Sensitive

In real applications, users are often limited by the shortcomings of the camera, so they cannot obtain high resolution and high sensitivity from a single camera. Thus, they usually use two different cameras. The MX2000 just solves this problem perfectly. The sensor IMX147 provides 20 megapixels high resolution with excellent bright-field imaging performance, while the other sensor IMX482 provides a full resolution preview speed of 60 fps; 5.8μm pixel size and up to 85% quantum efficiency makes it easy to capture signals in ultra-low light environments.

bright field micrscopy
polorized microscopy
microscope imaging DAPI
monochrome camera fluoresence microcopy

Multi-stage Cooling Module Guarantees Low Noise

MX2000 adopts fan cooling and Peltier cooling. Robust and reliable cooling up to 42°C below ambient temperature, greatly reduces the dark current level and guarantee the imaging performance in low light application.


Cutting-edge Image Codec Technology & Advanced Color-calibration Algorithm

Advanced microscopic image algorithm and the latest H.264 video stream encoding and decoding technology makes accurate color reproduction, low bit rate, low noise, high image quality, high speed preview at full resolution. Colors are calibrated according to the characteristics of objectives and light sources for different brands and types of microscopes, resulting in several standard sets of parameters. Users can choose different modes according to the staining method of pathological sections to obtain accurate image color.

multi-outputs of dual-sensor microscope camera

Multiple Outputs Suitable for Various Application Scenarios

  • USB Mode: Unique algorithm guarantees high-speed transmission (60fps at 2MP, 10fps at 20MP) through H264 stream protocol, comes with Pixit Pro 64bit software for PC. No need to install driver.

  • 5G WiFi Mode: Using dedicated APP 'KoPa WiFi Lab' to view realtime images through mobiles, tablets and laptops simultaneously, up to 10 devices.

  • Ethernet Mode: Connects to the router, allowing different computers in the same LAN to obtain real-time images simultaneously.