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DPM23 is a polarizing microscope modified based on Olympus CX23. On the basis of not changing the original optical system and retaining Köhler Illumination and plan achromatic objectives, dedicatedly design polarizing accessories such as Bertrand lens, polarizer, analyzer, rotating stage, polarizing condenser, compensator etc. Thanks to its ingenious design and original optics quality, the DPM23 can bring users a remarkable polarized observation experience.

The DPM23 is a good choice for users on a budget. For those who own a CX23, they can modify their CX23 microscope by only getting the full set of polarizing parts.

As standard configuration of DPM23, 12 megapixel multi-output embedded camera CA1200 provides excellent performance in polarizing applications.

Digital Polarizing Microscope

Bertrand Lens Module Customized for CX23 Microscope

1. Bertrand lens: fixed center, fixed spacing.

2. Compensator: λ, λ/4, Quartz Wedge

3. Analyzer

Polarization Modification Based on Original Objectives

4. Rotating nosepiece: Internal rotation, 4 holes.

5. Centering adapter for objective

6. Graduated circular stage

  • Ball bearing rotary stage (Dia. 142mm)

  • Rotatable 360° horizontally

  • Can be fixed at a specific position

  • Graduated 360° (in 1° increments)

  • Rotation clamp equipped.

Polarizer Unit Customized for CX23 Microscope

7. Diaphragm

8. Field diaphragm

9. Polarizer: 360°rotation with mark

10. LED light source





​Digital Polarizing Microscope DPM23

Embedded Smart Camera

All-in-one Embedded Smart Camera

Multi-output Camera

Smart Camera

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